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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Being a busy, full-time stay at home Mumma of two, at the end of most days I feel like I've run a mini marathon (heck, sometimes I feel that way and it's not even lunchtime!) and I know there are many of you who can relate to this! Some mornings, finding the time to piece together an outfit seems almost impossible and after pulling clothes on and off again only to feel 'blurgh' in most of them, I find myself reaching for my trusty leggings and a comfy tee. And who am I kidding, they are more comfortable than anything else in my wardrobe and much more practical with kiddies and all that pram pushing anyway! BUT, who says the 'bummy mummy' option can't also mean the 'yummy mummy' option! You can most definitely feel both comfortable and stylish if you invest in just a few staple items.

So, I thought I'd share with you a few keys pieces in my 'bummy mummy' wardrobe! It pays to invest in a pair of runners/sneakers that are not only comfortable but a pair that you also get excited about wearing! My Mizuno's are by far my favourite pair of runners I have ever owned (both comfort and aesthetically) and the colours really jazz up an otherwise pretty boring outfit. I am also loving my new Seed metallic sneakers! They seem to go with absolutely everything and are super comfy and so easy to slip on when you are rushing out the door! Sports caps are great for those days where I haven't had time to wash my hair and my roots are looking a little oily. The last item on my 'must have' list are my trusty Topshop leggings... they are seriously THE comfiest leggings I have EVER owned (I think I have about 8 pairs) and they are the ONLY leggings I will buy now.

Get the look:

High waisted extra long leggings from Topshop
Mizuno Wave Elixr 8 from Shopstyle
Nike Signal Tee from The Iconic
Metallic Amber sneakers from Seed
Pink Nike cap from The Iconic


  1. My gym gear is my mum-uniform too. Just so easy. Love the metallic sneakers.

  2. LEEEGGGGGGSSSSS!!!!! If only everyone who wore leggings looked as good as you in them ;) Love this post, I am in my walking / Pilates gear most days and just started drafting a 'Workout Wear' post (snaps twinsie!) - but 'Bummy Yummy Mummy' is so much more fun and appropriate. A x x


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