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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm not one to shop online all that often as generally I like to see the product in the flesh first. But, back in January I was ordering a couple of new Nike gym tees from The Iconic and soon found myself immersed in the 'dresses' section. Believe it or not, I hate dress shopping. Just ask Mr B. The poor man has listened to me complain time and time again and has spent many an hour watching me try on dress after dress only to walk away empty handed and deflated. Be it online or instore I find it really hard to find dresses I feel truly comfortable and confident in. However, when I stumbled on the orange Ezra number (above) at only $39.95 and The Iconic's famous '100 day free return' policy I thought what the heck, if it doesn't fit I'll simply send it back. When I first opened the package I'll admit I was underwhelmed BUT once I slipped it on I was amazed that it was the perfect fit and super comfy! So, later that night I jumped back online to order one in black too (because a plain little black sheath can never go astray) and I also ordered three others (all for $39.95 each) in the hope that the sizing would be consistant with the first dress. The very next day I received the second package (and for some reason was still apprehensive and again underwhelmed when I first opened them) but one by one I tried them on and just like when I was a teenager, I did a cheesy little catwalk for my Mum (who was in town visiting) and with every dress her response was 'WOW'! I'll do the math for you my friends, that's five dresses for under $200! I know, what the frock right? hee hee. It just goes to show you don't need to spend big bucks to feel good in a dress!
Teamed with shoes and accessories I already owned, I wore the 'Orange Sheath' dress to a wedding last month and the 'Floral sheath' for a special dinner with friends last Saturday night. Unfortunately I think both have now sold out BUT I have compiled a few of my other favourites below (of which a couple were amongst my second order) all available from The Iconic. Most dresses from the Ezra collection are priced between $30- $40 so the whole collection is definitely worth a good look!
Fluttersleeve tulip dress here
Blue floral sheath here
Assymetrical wrap skirt floral sheath dress here
White with floral tulip dress here
Coral floral sheath here

Happy shopping my friends :)

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