Get the look: Leggings, Laces and Lippy!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Earlier this year I did a post called 'Bummy Yummy Mummy' and let's just say I've upped the anti! Being a busy Mumma and wife (and currently being without a car) you will find me walking (a lot!) so most days due to comfort and practicality more than anything, I reach for the quickest and easiest option... leggings and sneakers! This is by no means the most glamourous of looks but it doesn't mean you have to leave the house feeling drab and frumpy. Some choose to match their nail polish to their handbag so who's to say we can't do the same with our lippies and sneakers?! ;) A bright lip can go a long way and leave you looking and feeling that little bit happier and more confident. AND it gives the impression that you indeed look 'together' when you may in fact have been scrambling to feed two kiddies, get them cleaned up, dressed and out the door hee hee Lipstick may not solve world peace but it does work a whole lotta magic! Smoke and mirrors my friends :)

As for the shoes, go for bold! Choose something fun and punchy to dress up an otherwise boring pair of black leggings or if you are brave enough to have the leggings be your statement piece, than invest in a neutral shoe, black, white and grey is always a safe bet!
Eastbay has an enormous range to choose from so I always like to browse online and once I have found a shoe I like I search for stockists that are closest to me. Can you tell I gravitate towards pink, green and orange runners?! ;)  photo Slide1_zpsdf59774c.jpg 1. Nike Free 5.0 from Eastbay 2. Free TR Connect 2 (Grey) from Renarts
3. Mizuno Wave Elixir from Finishline
4. Free TR Connect 2 (Pink) from Nordstrom
5. Nike Luna Racer +3 from Eastbay

Below are five of my absolute fave lippies, all by MAC cosmetics! Number 1, 3 & 5 really pack a punch and numbers  2 & 4 are softer and much more subtle...

1. 'Lady Danger' by MAC
2. 'Saint Germaine' by MAC
3. 'Candy Yum Yum' by MAC
4. 'Coral Bliss' by MAC
5. 'Morange' by MAC

And lastly, three examples of amazing leggings. I swear by the black Topshop ones (I have around 6- 8 pairs), I just adore the hydrangea print and most of you have probably already gathered that I love me some animal print :)
1. 'Hydrangea Prana' pants from The Upside
2. 'High waist Extra Long' leggings from Topshop
3. 'Blue Tiger' leggings from Brasilfit

So there you have it, leggings, laces and lippy. Simple, comfy and effortless! xxx

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  1. A bright lippy suddenly makes gym wear look "dressed up"! Love those printed legging and sneaker options too x K


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