Allegra's New Bedroom!

Monday, October 6, 2014

With Allegra's new room now 99% complete, I thought I would share some pics of her new space along with links of where I purchased most of the goodies (please note, some items were purchased for Allegra or Anya's old rooms in our previous homes so may no longer be available). I'm so happy with how it has all come together, it really is so fulfilling seeing your vision come to life! I think it's no secret that I love colour and pattern and include a lot of it in both our home and our wardrobes, so starting a room from scratch can be so hard when it comes to committing to a colour scheme! I don't like to limit myself too much so tend to go with a palette of about three to four main colours to give me room to play. My inspiration often stems from something as small as a cushion, rug or piece of art and in this case, it was the gorgeous, modern and vibrant 'Miss Allegra' cushions I had custom made through Tiny Prints!

My two favourite colours are yellow and pink so I was more than happy to incorporate lots of these two colours into her room and the touches of gold all around just seemed to tie it all in nicely. And you really can't go wrong with a gold polka dot wall now can you... fun fun fun! Another show stopper in this room is the pink velvet quilt! For years and years velvet (even just the thought of it) made my skin crawl... but my heart skipped a beat when I saw this beauty and I didn't hesitate bringing it home with me... and I am so glad I did because it really is just perfect! Allegra's room is such a gorgeous space with an abundance of light, plenty of storage, floor space, her own ensuite and the desk area I created gives her a sense of privacy when she wants to work on a special drawing or craft project. What more could a girl want right?! ;) And she was so gorgeous when she came home from school on Friday when she saw her desk chair had arrived... she busily got straight to 'work'! Anyway, links to most products are included at the bottom of this post, I hope you enjoy the mini tour! :)

Product list:

Pink velvet quilt here
Gold lamps here
Gold polka dot decals here
Cardboard storage suitcases here 
Scalloped nailhead headboard here
'Miss Allegra' cushions here
Desk here
Vienna Peacock chair here
Geometric rug here
Alfred the deer here
Pink elephant print here
LOVE print here
Bushel and a peck ptint here
Flamingo print here
Pink zebra cushion here
Cockatoo bookends here
Vintage hot air balloon here
Golden books here


  1. Hi Mrs Bouw, I love your instagram and the bedroom looks fabulous! How did you manage to get the polka dots so evenly spaced? Are they easy to remove?

    Thanks :)

    1. Thanks so much for your kind feedback Jenny! As for the dots, I guess I created my own quick way of measuring ( I don;t even think I can explain it haha) but I am a little weird when it comes to this kind of thing and just have an instinct I guess. Sorry for the rubbish answer, I wish I had a better one for you! You can most definitely measure more accurately however you may be there for a while! This wall took me about an hour and a half! Oh and yes, they are easily removed so if you stuff any up as you go you can just simply peel off. I haven't tried to take any off since although on the instructions it said you can just use a hairdryer to slightly heat if you are having difficulties removing any! xxx

  2. Wow my friend, this is so beautiful! I love your love for colour x

    1. Aw thank-you lovely one! P.S Your friends wedding looked just magical and you all looked so beautiful! xxx

  3. I just love your colour confidence and sense of fun Sonja!

    1. Aw thank-you Kate, I love how you have referred to it as 'colour confidence' :) xxx


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